Product Details

N.O.C. (Natural Organic Complexant)


– Increases yield and improves quality – positive R.O.I.
– Compatible with most post applied pesticides including glyphosate
– Zinc, Manganese and Boron for key physiological functions and plant stress relief
– N.O.C.(Natur Organic Complexant )delivery system for enhanced nutrient availability and delivery into the plant, insuring more nutrient uptake
– Humectant properties for enhanced contact.

NATUR SUGAR TRIO is a uniquely complexed nutrition supplement using a mix of natural sugar compounds collectively known as N.O.C.(Natural Organic Complexant ) which readily complexes with the metal ions. This unique complex enables the nutrients to move more easily into the plant via the phloem and xylem.

NATUR SUGAR TRIO is specifically formulated for foliar delivery of Manganese, Zinc and Boron for all crops.

NATUR SUGAR TRIO has been specifically formulated to increase yield and improve crop quality through improved plant health.

NATUR SUGAR TRIO combines three micronutrients, Zinc, Manganese and Boron, essential for the plant to perform its physiological functions. Deficiencies can often lead to lower quality, reduced yield, and increased disease.

In an effort to improve both crop quality as well as yield, growers are looking at all components
of their applications to maximize the crops potential. NATUR SUGAR TRIO is no exception.