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Product Details

N.O.C. (Natural Organic Complexant)


– Increased cell wall thickness and strength
– Soluble form for immediate availability
– Increased plant health and disease resistance
– Aids in uptake of other nutrients
– Increased crop yield and quality

NATUR SUGAR Ca – Mag , based on the N.O.C. (Natural Organic Complexant) uniquely delivers Calcium and Magnesium to the plant quickly, easily and more effectively than all other sources available today N.O.C. (Natural Organic Complexant) a proprietary mix of natural sugar compounds with the lowest molecular weight of all known chelates and complexing agents available, delivers more usable Calcium and Magnesium to the plant.

Because of its N.O.C. (Natural Organic Complexant) technology, NATUR SUGAR Ca – Mag tank mixes well with most pesticides and fungicides, and provides rapid uptake and movement through the Xylem and Phloem.