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Naturally Derived Parasitic Nematode Control


Based on patented development work as a naturally derived control for parasitic nematodes, CHASSE EC is derived from extracts of specifi c cultivars of hybrid sesame plants. The mode

of action includes nematoxic and nemastatic effects and possibly disruption of nematode taxis to roots. These results account for the use of sesame for many centuries in crop rotation for its residual nematicidal benefi ts to crops following sesame.

Versatile CHASSE EC is effective on both Ectoparasitic and Endoparasitic nematodes. Ectoparasitic nematodes always live outside the plant root , and feed only on materials they can reach ,while Endoparasitic nematodes spend at least part of their life cycle inside the roots of the plants on which they feed .
Some parasitic nematodes are migratory , and move in and out of root tissues , while some are sedentary and effectively don’t move at all.

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